Diego Simeone informed United about what they need to improve on

Atletico Madrid returns to the city tonight, three weeks after ruining Manchester United’s dreams of winning the Champions League this season, hoping to exact the same pain on the noisy neighbours as they did on Ralf Rangnick’s team before the international break.

Manchester Airport will not be the most difficult hurdle for the La Liga team to cross this time, with the City providing a far greater test of strength than a United side devoid of ideas and self-belief.For manager Diego Simeone, it’s another chance to show off his vision to a wider European audience, as well as another chance to demonstrate why he’s deserving of a Premier League job at some point in the future.

Simeone had previously been tipped for the United job, with club legend Gary Neville even endorsing him after last month’s Champions League encounter.

“”Diego Simeone should be a candidate,”” Neville said in a Sky Sports Q&A. “”But it’s never been possible to pull him out of Atletico Madrid.”” “”Fantastic coach, tough in his approach to the game in every manner, I believe. He’s a tough manager, and Manchester United really need one.”” Manchester United require a manager who can fight with Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola – they are the finest – and I believe Simeone is capable of doing so.

“”I wouldn’t rule Simeone out completely, but I believe Ten Hag and Pochettino are the best bets because they’ll want a progressive coach who plays a certain manner and is maybe a little bit cheaper and more readily available.””According to figures revealed by L’Equipe last month, Simeone is the highest-paid coach in European football, earning €3.33 million per month. Pep Guardiola, the City coach, is supposedly second with €1.89 million, Jurgen Klopp third with €1.49 million, Antonio Conte fourth with €1.49 million, and Massimiliano Allegri fifth with €1.17 million.

Those figures should always be taken with a grain of salt, but if United’s goal is to reclaim their place as England’s finest team and eliminate the culture of player power that exists at Old Trafford, a manager’s salary shouldn’t be a stumbling block.Simeone has won two La Liga crowns, two Champions League finals, two Europa Leagues, two European Super Cups, and three domestic cup events in his ten years with the club.Former players can understand why a no-nonsense, authoritative character like Simeone would appeal to them, yet the fact that he is so demanding may explain why the board is chasing Ten Hag and Pochettino instead.

Simeone will have to wait if he ever wants to take over as United manager, but he has recognized what needs to change at Old Trafford in his pre-match press conference this week.””United and City had different personalities,”” the Argentine told reporters. “”They’re more direct and faster. Cities are more positional, and they handle things well in all areas. We’ll have to build on and improve on the wonderful work we accomplished two weeks ago.”” What I like most about clubs like City is their commitment to winning the ball back and continuing to attack.

It’s a joy to see them. They’ll keep evolving because they have excellent players, but Sterling and De Bruyne are the ones who wake me up. They’re always on the go and never lose a ball. That is something that all managers desire.””

United has long been recognized for their threat on the counter-attack, especially when Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge, but Simeone makes an excellent point that they don’t offer much else currently.

There is still a serious lack of control in games and United are a disaster in comparison to the great clubs above them, who have all been meticulously moulded into their perfectionist managers’ ideas.

The next permanent manager will not only need the freedom to rebuild the squad in any way they see fit, but they will also need to follow a detailed plan to ensure United can stay on top in matches and compete equally with the clubs currently above them.

Simeone will have another chance to show why he deserves a chance in the Premier League in the future on Tuesday night, and while he won’t be the next United manager, the successful candidate must pay attention to his words of wisdom.

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