Fake World Cup trophies seized in Qatar

fake World Cup trophies
Authorities in Qatar said on Wednesday that they had seized 144 counterfeit World Cup trophies the latest raid on the market ahead of the Mundial.

According to the interior ministry, officers launched an investigation based on information about a website that promotes the sale of cups that mimic the true shape of the World Cup.

It released a photo of the 144 life-size trophies spread across a floor and stated that “further legal procedures will be followed.”

The ministry did not specify where the trophies were discovered or whether the suspects were apprehended.

FIFA and Qatari authorities have recently increased their warnings about distributing or purchasing World Cup fakes.

After special plates were sold in online auctions, Qatar warned drivers in June that having a World Cup logo on car number plate was illegal.

Five people were arrested one month earlier for selling counterfeit World Cup clothing.

They raided a factory in the Gulf state producing perfume in bottles illegally using the World Cup brand at the end of 2021.

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