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Chelsea will never have to deal with a Man United problem thanks to Thomas Tuchel’s brilliant Ross Barkley selection.

Barkley’s debut may serve as a warning to underachievers, but it should also inspire them. Tuchel admitted only a few weeks ago that he had no idea what role the 27-year-old would play, keeping both coach and player in the dark. Tuchel, along with Ruben Loftus-Cheek, appears to have been impressed by his growth due to the lack of expectation. Many would argue that Kai Havertz and Hakim Ziyech’s form has been lackluster, and given that they were left on the bench with the Blues in desperate need of a goal, they may risk falling further down the pecking order. But, as with Ross Barkle, coach Justin Tuchel stated he will not stop attempting to instill confidence in his players.

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