Juventus’ entire board members resign amid ongoing probe for false accounting

Juventus have officially confirmed that all board members, including Andrea Agnelli, have resigned and have appointed Maurizio Scanavino as their new CEO.

Along with every other member of the team of the board of directors for the Serie A club, President Andrea Agnelli and Vice-president Pavel Nedved have both stepped down according to reports which made the rounds yesterday evening.

The Serie A club have been accused of false accounting and market manipulation in recent months and has also recorded some losses. Last season, Juventus recorded a whooping loss of €254.3m (£220m), a record-breaking fee in the history of the club.

The resignation follows a series of investigations for suspicious transfers with inflated values in order to gain capital gains that date back to 2018, 2019 and 2020.

A club statement read: “The Board of Directors, considering the focus and relevance of the pending legal and technical-accounting issues, have deemed it in the best interest to recommend that Juventus adopt a new Board of Directors to deal with these issues.”

“Juventus will continue to cooperate with supervisory and industry authorities, without prejudice to the protection of its rights in relation to disputes against the financial statements and communications of the Company by CONSOB and by the Prosecutor’s Office.”

Former President Agnelli had been at the clubs since 2010 and was one of the main figures in setting up the European Super League which failed to take shape last year, acting as vice-chairman to Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

In Agnelli’s reign, Juventus became one of the powerhouses of European football by dominating the Italian leagues. Juventus won nine Serie A titles in a row until 2019-20.

The Bianconeri confirms that current CEO Maurizio Scanavino will remain in his position until a new board of directors is appointed.

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