Lakers are considering not making any trades this season

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With a 14-21 record, the Los Angeles Lakers’ situation is growing more dire with each additional loss.

They have dropped five of their last six games as Anthony Davis is sidelined with a stress injury in his foot, and they’re seemingly groping for something that will serve as their proverbial lifeguard buoy.

Their fans have been profusely hoping for a major trade that would infuse the team with its missing pieces, particularly in the frontcourt. While there have been a few persistent trade rumors, none have seemed very appetizing.

As a result, the Lakers may simply decide to stand pat and do nothing.

Via Los Angeles Times:

“Internally, sources said, there’s been serious consideration given to riding out the season without making a major deal if they can’t find one that would make the team a realistic contender,” wrote Dan Woike.

Their most, or only, attractive trade assets right now seem to be their 2027 and 2029 first-round draft picks. If they won’t make the team into a championship contender, would it really make sense to mortgage the future for a minimal or modest short-term gain?

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