Schmeichel has expressed his displeasure with Lacazette

After Alexandre Lacazette missed a penalty earlier this month, Kasper Schmeichel expressed his displeasure with the Arsenal forward.

The Gunners defeated Leicester City 2-0, with a penalty from the Frenchman increasing their lead at the hour mark. Schmeichel, on the other hand, is enraged because he believes Lacazette came to a halt during his run-up, which is against the rules. He questioned referee Anthony Taylor right away, but he and the VAR were both satisfied that no laws had been committed.

In the build-up to a spot-kick, stalling has grown increasingly fashionable. Players have stuttered while others, such as Jorginho and Bruno Fernandes, have incorporated a leap to confuse goalkeepers.

Schmeichel, on the other hand, is dead set on making a point after the incident at the Emirates.According to the Daily Mail, at a recent captain’s call with refereeing body PGMOL, the Dane mentioned his difficulties with stuttering run-ups. PGMOL select group director Adam Gale-Watts told Schmeichel that a player can pretend during the warm-up but not after the game, arguing Lacazette’s actions were legal.Son Heung-min of Tottenham Hotspur had a penalty against Rochdale in the FA Cup in 2018 rejected due to his halting in his run-up, but that is extremely rare. Mark Halsey, a former top-flight referee, backed Schmeichel on the Lacazette penalty, claiming Schmeichel “”doesn’t grasp the laws of the game.””

“”Feigning in the run-up is okay,”” he told CaughtOffside. You can’t pretend once you’ve arrived at the ball. Feigning after the kicker has finished the run-up is not allowed and will result in a yellow card. By the rules of the game, the Lacazette penalty was correct. I recall seeing the penalty and thinking Schmeichel was already gone off his line. He was also off his line, even if he was pretending. The referee was correct in law, and we had VAR in place to verify these things anyway, but the referee was proper in law. That’s a problem we see a lot with players who don’t understand the rules of the game.

Kasper Schmeichel plainly doesn’t grasp the rules of the game, or at least doesn’t know Law 14 – the penalty kick, on this occasion.””The captain calls in the Premier League are a mechanism for players and officials to communicate about decisions that may have been misread. Jamaal Lascelles, Newcastle’s captain, expressed his dissatisfaction with the execution of certain laws, which were taught one way in pre-season and subsequently awarded in a different way.Mike Riley, the head of the referees’ association, simply stated that officials are human and make errors. He was compelled to apologize to Everton earlier this month when the referee – and subsequently VAR – failed to award the Toffees a clear penalty as they lost to Manchester City.

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