PSG captain Marquinhos says Sergio Ramos inspires him

Injured on his arrival in 2021, restored in the summer of 2022, Sergio Ramos has been going on since the start of the season, to the delight of Marquinhos before the Champions League match against Maccabi Haifa on Tuesday.

Paris Saint-Germain’s schedule has accelerated with the start of the Champions League campaign, but veteran Sergio Ramos is holding firm, a sign that the physical glitches that plagued the start of his Paris adventure are now behind him.

Ramos started every game he played with PSG except for the match against Nantes (3-0) on the sixth day of Ligue 1.

Tenured to the position of right axial since the start of the season, in a system with three central defenders, in 3-4-3 or 3-5-2, the former glory of Real Madrid is positioned alongside Marquinhos, who enjoy the benefits of their association. The Brazilian is delighted to see his teammate continue.

Speaking before Paris Saint-Germain’s Champions League group fixture against Maccabi Haifa, Brazilian club captain Marquinhos spoke about centre-back partner Sergio Ramos – and how he has learned a great deal from the experienced Spaniard since his arrival to Paris Saint-Germain, as transcribed by L’Équipe.

“I am someone who is always looking to improve. Even more so when you have great champions next to you.” he said,

“I’ve seen great champions come and go here, I’ve tried to take a bit of each one. I still have the opportunity to play with a great champion. Last year, he didn’t play much (12 matches) but even in training, even in everyday life, you could see that he was a champion.”

“He manages to play one match after another. It’s a pleasure to have him next to me. I really like his qualities: the desire, the rage he has on the field. I try to draw inspiration from him.”

Sergio Ramos who has

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