Qatar relaxes law on concerns around pregnant women ahead of the World Cup

The Qatari government made new changes on laws concerning women ahead of the World Cup that sees pregnant women given maximum attention in any case of emergency.

The organizers of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar have declared that their health officers would not ask pregnant women for their marital status while treating them during the tournament.

According to reports by L’Équipe, the Organizers announced on Thursday that there would be no enquiry regarding whether a woman in need of medical attention is married or not in a country where sex is prohibited before marriage. If found guilty of having indulged in such activity, one could even serve seven years in prison.

While addressing the matter at a press conference, the spokesperson in charge of health issues within the organizing committee, Youssef Al-Maslamani, confirmed:

“People will not be asked whether they are married or not, their gender, nationality or religion. They will be asked about their health status and not their personal situation.”

However, some embassies are still recommending in their travel advisories that visitors should carry a marriage certificate for pregnant women in case they require medical maintenance during their stay in Qatar.

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