Wenger claims that top coach Emery was not given a fair treatment

Arsene Wenger believes Unai Emery was not treated fairly during his time at Arsenal. Emery was chosen to replace Wenger in 2018 but the Spaniard lasted just 18 months.

However, since leaving Arsenal to join Villareal in 2020, Emery is once again proving himself to be one of the top managers in the world. He won the Europa League with the Spanish club last season and reached the semifinals of this season’s UEFA Champions League this season where they lost to Liverpool.

In an interview with beIN Sports, Wenger responded to a question about Emery’s time at Arsenal and on if he was treated unfairly:  “Certainly, yes. Because they didn’t give him a lot of time.” Wenger then went on to criticize the format of the Europa League which Emery has won four times in his career.

“But as well, there’s a lot to talk about because, for example, is it right that the teams who are not successful in the group stage can play the Europa League?” Wenger asked.

“Because out of ten years, the teams who are not successful in the Champions League were winning the Uefa Cup. So that transformed a non-success into a success.”

On whether he felt the Europa League was set up to reward failure, he said:

“It was more to give an importance to the trophy than to reward the sporting quality.

“But I think Unai Emery’s a great coach, that he has shown it in Spain again and he is constantly there at the top level.”

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