“A hectic May schedule” – City boss Pep Guardiola speaks on what to expect over the next couple of weeks

Pep Guardiola says City are looking forward to a busy May calendar with the possibility of playing eight games in a row.

Pep Guardiola says City are relishing the prospect of a hectic May schedule, describing the thought of playing eight games over the month as “the best period you can live’.

With his side vying for success on three fronts across the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup, City face eight key games over the next 25 days, starting with Wednesday’s Premier League home clash with West Ham on Wednesday.

Despite the physical and mental demands of such a busy schedule and the fact that the players have already played a lot of games this season in addition to the World Cup in December, Guardiola is not worried, instead, he is excited about the prospect of competing for silverware and believes that the opportunity to win trophies will energize and motivate his team.

“We’re not tired, if you’re tired but have positive thoughts you’re not tired,” the City boss declared at his pre-match press conference.

“The mental strength will be there in that period, it’s the best period you can live”.

“It’s one month and one more week for sure, then fight for two more weeks”

“We played the last six or seven years in this situation, playing six or seven games in a month how many times”?

“A lot. I would say it’s happened a lot of times”.

“Now is another opportunity with just six games left (in the league) we have a game, then we have to recover, then go for it (again), that’s all”.

“If one player’s tired then hands up, if you’re not you have to be ready and play well for your mates.”

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