Arne Slot the third manager to reject Leeds United job offer

Arne Slot
Arne Slot has confirmed his intention to stay at Feyenoord, becoming the latest manager to decline a move to Leeds.

Slot confirmed on Friday that there had been an approach from Leeds:  

“It is true that I will stay with Feyenoord, I can say that with this one. That is clear, fans do not have to be afraid”.

“It was a compliment that a club like Leeds was interested, but we are doing something great with Feyenoord”.

“We are in a great position in the league, the cup and Europe. There is no disappointment. It’s certainly not a punishment to stay here”.

When asked if he was enjoying his time in charge, the 40-year-old replied:

“I have loved it. Is that allowed? I’ve been preparing for this for 20 years”.

“I’m not planning for anything other than day-to-day communication with the board. I’m just doing the best I can do in this in this short time”.

“I’ve always had the philosophy, look after the day and tomorrow looks after itself. I just want to do the best job I can do in the moment and through my career”.

“Hopefully people that have worked with me or people that have led me will say good things and that’s what’s most important”.

“I’m really happy where I’m at. I’ve always been happy in the roles I’ve done. And I’ve always been happy with my own personal journey to learn. If I’m learning and I’m developing, no problem”.

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