Arsenal Manager Mikel Arteta hints at Kylian Mbappe joining the club

Mikel Arteta and Kylian Mbappe

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta stated that the North London club have to be in the conversation to land the biggest talents in the world.

The saga of Kylian Mbappé’s potential move has taken centre stage, with Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta boldly entering the fray.

As Mbappé signals his departure from PSG, the rumour mill is abuzz, with Arsenal under Arteta’s leadership keen to throw their hat in the ring for the French superstar’s signature.

Arsenal target Kylian Mbappe || Imago

Arsenal’s Bold Ambition

Arteta’s Arsenal is not just looking to compete; they’re aiming to be at the forefront of discussions for football’s elite talent. “When there is a player of that calibre, we always have to be in that conversation,” Arteta emphasised, acknowledging the stiff competition from Real Madrid for Mbappé’s services.

This statement, made ahead of Arsenal’s match against Burnley, showcases the club’s lofty aspirations and willingness to be part of major transfer talks, despite the challenges that lie ahead.

PSG and Enrique’s Silence

On the other side of the channel, PSG’s stance remains shrouded in silence, with manager Luis Enrique tight-lipped about Mbappé’s announcement. Enrique’s refusal to comment on the forward’s decision or his commitment levels for the remainder of the season speaks volumes.

“I am going to try to bring this topic to an end. I don’t have any comments to make,” he stated, pointing to the need for official statements from the involved parties before he would offer his perspective.

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