Arsene Wenger says FIFA is yet to decide on 2026 World Cup format

FIFA Chief Arsene Wenger has denied rumors about the 2026 FIFA World Cup, claiming that the football governing body has yet to decide on structure.

FIFA’s chief of global football, Arsene Wenger has confirmed in an interview with the Athletic that a final decision is yet to be made on the format for the 2026 FIFA World Cup, which is being hosted by the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The event, which will be the first time three countries will host in the twenty-first century, is expected to have 48 teams rather than the current 32 team format. It is also rumored to feature roughly 104 matches throughout the season, with 32 teams in the knockout phase.

Wenger said that, “It’s not decided but it will be 16 groups of three, 12 groups of four or two sides of six groups of four, like if you run two tournaments of 24 teams”

In principle, the nations would be divided into 16 groups of three, with two qualifying to reach the round of 16.

The former Arsenal manager then affirmed that the 2026 FIFA World Cup would be confirmed “next year” by FIFA’s executive committee.

The tournament which is still three and a half years away will have a game increment the reason is said to make a bigger show, and, obviously, to generate many millions more.

But in recent days, the Guardian has reported that there have been informal discussions about changing the original plans.

The report has it that FIFA may change its initial idea of having 16 groups of three teams each, for a very long group phase of 12 sectors with four teams each, to advance to a round of 32 teams to start the knockout phase.

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