City boss Guardiola questions new ‘injury time’ rule following defeat to Arsenal

Arsenal secured victory in the Community Shield by netting an equalizer in the 101st minute, ultimately defeating Manchester City.

Following Manchester City’s defeat to Arsenal in the FA Community Shield, Pep Guardiola has raised subtle concerns over the newly implemented injury time rule which had them concede through a deflected shot from Leandro Trossard and ultimately losing on penalties.

City appeared poised for victory through a Cole Palmer’s 77th-minute strike, however, Leandro Trossard pulled an equalizer 11 minutes into injury-time.

According to IFAB, a football governing body, the new rules on ‘added-on time’ is set to be implemented in the Premier League this season in a bid to cover for time-wasting and other on-field in-game interruptions.

There were originally eight minutes of added time in the game against the Premier League champions and Runners up, but that was extended after a clash of heads between Kyle Walker and Thomas Partey.

“It is not annoying, we have to get used to it,” said City boss Guardiola.

“I had the feeling, not because we were winning 1-0, it was just the fact I had a feeling that much didn’t happen to extend by eight minutes.”

“But it is a good question for the International Board [the International Football Association Board who instructed the rule change] and all the people because they don’t consult the managers, they don’t consult the players.”

“What is their opinion, we have to accept it and we have to do it”.

“Now the games will not be 90 minutes, they will be 100 minutes, that’s for sure. It never happened today and it was eight minutes, imagine if they extend for goals and every time you score a goal in a game [that is] 4-3. You put 30 seconds, 45 seconds on for seven goals, tomorrow morning at 9am I am here playing.”

Arteta also found himself on the wrong side of the new rule.

“I just said, ‘I cannot change my behaviour in three days,”‘ Arteta said.

“It’s a very difficult thing to do and I understand that next time we cannot say tomorrow we play with no offsides and then the next time the linesman says, ‘Oh what is he doing?’

“We try our best, I try my best. I understand the rules and where they’re coming from. Sometimes we get frustrated there because we don’t know in what part of the technical area we are. It’s fine. We’ll adapt. At the end, it’s about effective time.”

“I think it’s really good to do that, because it was going too far I think and now teams are going to have to think twice.“Now we have to be prepared to play 100 minutes because it’s going to happen every single week.”

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