“I’m a realist”- Sean Dyche on why he took the Everton Job

Sean Dyche believes Everton would not have preferred him three or four years ago, but that his arrival came at the correct time.

After a series of disappointing outcomes that left them battling relegation, Everton parted ways with Frank Lampard and quickly appointed former Burnley boss as their new manager.

The Toffees are currently fighting to secure their position in the Premier League this season and Dyche who has previously navigated similar situations with Burnley, aware he has a daunting task ahead of him has stated that his decision to join Everton was driven by the club’s magnitude.

He acknowledged that under different circumstances, Everton would have sought someone with a prominent reputation for the job but he feels that he has arrived at the club at the right time.

“I’m a realist”, Dyche told Everton’s matchday programme.

“I wanted the job because this is Everton”

“It’s is a proper football club and a big football club”.

“For me, earning my spurs at a smaller concern in Burnley, which it was and there’s no disrespect in that, and getting the chance to come here was a fantastic opportunity”.

“My job is to be a custodian in this period”.

“On another day the club might have wanted a ‘flamboyant’ manager but the timing of me here now is probably appropriate and I think people see that”.

“I get the feeling the fans see it”.

“Perhaps three or four years ago they wouldn’t have wanted me”.

“I’ve got no problem with that at all”.

“Three or four years ago, maybe I wouldn’t have suited it but now I certainly feel like the timing is right.”

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