‘I’m sure it will be soon’ – Lionel Messi on his retirement plans

Lionel Messi
Having led Argentina to World Cup victory the previous year, Lionel Messi has acknowledged that his international football retirement is getting closer.

In Qatar, Messi reached his career’s highest point, cementing his status as one of football’s all-time greats, finally taking home the prestigious World Cup trophy.

Lionel Messi

The World Cup winner acknowledges that there aren’t many more games left for him in those illustrious white-and-blue stripes for his national side. Speaking to TV Publica, Messi admitted the importance of enjoying football at this moment in his career.

“Honestly, I don’t know until when. I think it will happen when it has to happen”, Messi said in the interview.

“After having achieved everything recently, the only thing left to do is to enjoy. God will say when that moment will come.”

“Logically, because of my age, I’m sure it will be soon. But I don’t know exactly when will be the right time. I think about the day-to-day, enjoying everything beautiful.”

“We had to go through very hard times in the national team. We were fortunate enough to be World Cup and Copa America champions. It’s time to enjoy.”

When asked by his teammates if he ever considered the magnitude of his achievements, the 36-year-old said,

“When you are always competing, when you always have goals ahead of you, you don’t value much what you really deserve, what you are achieving,” he added.

“I am at a moment in my career where I enjoy everything that happens to me and I value everything much more because I know that these are the last years. But I think that when I retire and I’m not playing anymore, I will value all of this much more.”

“And even more so the fact of being a World champion, which will last a lifetime, especially in a country like ours, that is so fond of football, so grateful for it.”

After rejecting Saudi’s advances, the forward said it’s not a signal to slow down his career and is excited at the prospects of playing across the Atlantic.

He is set to join up with his new team in preparation for the season but unfortunately for expectant fans flocking to DC United’s Audi Field, Messi will not be one of MLS’s All-Stars for the friendly against Arsenal, as confirmed by the league’s official website, which kicks off on Thursday 20 July at 01:30 WAT.

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