Jose Mourinho revealed how he turned down the chance to coach England

Jose Mourinho Imago
 Jose Mourinho in the dugout while he was AS Roma manager

Jose Mourinho recently shared an intriguing snippet from his past, revealing that he once had the chance to manage the England national team.

This revelation came during a candid conversation on Rio Ferdinand’s YouTube channel, FIVE, sparking discussions and what-ifs among football enthusiasts.

In a revelation that has caught the attention of many, Mourinho disclosed that before Fabio Capello took the reins in December 2007, he was offered the chance to lead England.

This was shortly after England’s disappointing campaign to qualify for Euro 2008 under Steve McClaren. At 44, Mourinho was fresh from his success with Chelsea, where he secured back-to-back Premier League titles in 2004-05 and 2005-06, making him a sought-after figure in football management.

“I could have been the coach of their national team. I had it there on the table,” Mourinho said, as reported by the Athletic. He further elaborated on his decision to decline the offer, citing a preference for club management over national teams at that point in his career.

“Because I always had national team jobs as something I wouldn’t enjoy. It was in 2007-08 and Mr (Fabio) Capello got the job.”

Mourinho on England’s Euro 2024 Chances

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The conversation also steered towards England’s prospects at the upcoming Euro 2024. Mourinho praised the current generation of England players, acknowledging their potential to clinch the title, especially noting the impact of Jude Bellingham’s international experience with Real Madrid.

Mourinho believes that Bellingham brings a unique edge to the team, attributing it to his broad exposure and significant personality.

“It is a very good generation (of England players),” Jose Mourinho noted. “They got to the Euro (2020) final, they can do it (win Euro 2024).”

He further added, “The mentality of the guys who have gone abroad, (Jude) Bellingham for example, I believe there is something that separates him from the boys that were born in England, developed in England, and are playing in England. He can add something different, he is a kid of the world. He has a big, big personality.”

Jose Mourinho Imago

Despite his well-wishes for the English team, Jose Mourinho’s loyalty remains with Portugal, his home country. “Southgate with Steve Holland, he was my assistant at Chelsea and what a person, they’ve done a beautiful job there, but it’s just missing that little bit. I cannot say I wish they do it (win the Euros) because I think Portugal can do it and I wish Portugal do it.”

Currently, Mourinho finds himself without a managerial role following his departure from Roma, succeeded by Daniele De Rossi. However, given his storied career and knack for making headlines, the football world eagerly awaits his next move.

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