Laliga displays superior tactical quality compared to the Premier League – Real Madrid Manager Carlo Ancelotti

Real Madrid's Manager Carlo Ancelotti

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has told the press in Spain that the level of tactical acumen in La Liga is a level above the Premier League, following his side’s 4-0 win over Celta Vigo.

With a decorated coaching career spanning across Europe’s top leagues, including winning league titles in each of the five major leagues, Ancelotti’s perspective carries weight as he highlights his knowledge of both competitions.

In addition to the flow of footballers on their way to the Premier League’s riches, many of the best managers in the world have also moved to England.

Seven of the managers in the Premier League currently have managed a side previously in La Liga, including four Spanish managers, despite the departure of Julen Lopetegui from Wolves.

However, Carlo Ancelotti still feels that La Liga is ahead of England in terms of strategy, as he told Diario AS.

His opinion suggests that while the English league may excel in intensity and pace, La Liga boasts superior tactical quality, contributing to a distinct style of play that sets it apart.

This assertion comes at a time when concerns over La Liga’s competitiveness have surfaced, particularly in European competitions.

With several Spanish teams faltering in continental tournaments, questions arise regarding the league’s overall strength and ability to compete on the international stage.

Real Madrid stands as potentially the only La Liga representative in the quarterfinals, Ancelotti’s observations add to the ongoing discourse surrounding La Liga’s position in the view of the top five European Leagues.

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