Manchester United’s defeat was undignified – Ralf Rangnick

Liverpool’s 4-0 triumph against Manchester United was “”very embarrassing”” for Ralf Rangnick, but he admits Jurgen Klopp’s side is a far better team right now.

Mohamed Salah’s two goals, as well as goals from Sadio Mane and Luis Diaz, propelled Liverpool to the top of the Premier League table as they achieved yet another historic victory over their bitter rivals, making it 9-0 in the two encounters between the teams this season.

Liverpool was significantly superior throughout the 90 minutes, as Klopp’s side dominated to go two points clear of Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City ahead of Wednesday’s visit from Brighton.

As he reflected on a bitterly disappointing night on Merseyside, Rangnick feels Klopp’s six years at Anfield and the club’s astute transfer market activity has allowed Liverpool to jump ahead of United.

“”If you compare the squad Jurgen inherited and ended eighth with where we are now, that’s about where we are now,”” Rangnick said. “”However, with each subsequent transfer window, they gradually built the team that they have today. I’m not criticizing anyone, but take a look at the squad they have available, which includes players who aren’t even on the team.”” Firmino, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Minamino, and Elliott are examples of the talent and teamwork they have developed.

I’d say their team consists of 25 Formula One racing cars.

“”I don’t believe anyone has gone insane; it’s just a different level.”” They have better players than we do, and it shows in the outcome. Sure, there will be a rebuild, but it doesn’t help us right now. It’s humiliating, and you just have to realize they’re better than we are.””””We have to be critical of ourselves,”” he added. The first 45 minutes of play were not at all what we had hoped to see or play. Since we had all our defensive midfielders not available we decided to go with the back five.

“”Norwich had five or six huge scoring chances, and we could have conceded three or four if it hadn’t been for David de Gea. The first half had little to do with our formation, in my opinion.

“”The manner in which we conceded the first goal was not part of our game plan. It harmed our self-assurance. We switched from a back five to a back four because the first half was not good enough.

“”The first 25 minutes of the second half were much better, but we didn’t score a goal in those 25 minutes. The third goal was on our list of things to avoid doing against Liverpool.””

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