“Sell Manchester United for the club’s future”-David Beckham tells Glazers

David Beckham has firmly advised the Glazer family to sell Manchester United, stating that "there needs to be change," in stark contrast to Wayne Rooney's recent remarks where he suggested that they deserve credit.

Regrettably, the United takeover process has been extensively delayed with nearly nine months passing and a decision still pending.

In his interview with The Athletic, Beckham was asked about his views on whether the Glazers should sell Manchester United. He responded:

“I think so. I think it’s purely because the fans want it. Once you lose the fans, especially at a club like Manchester United, it’s hard to get them back”.

“Obviously, they [the Glazers] have achieved a lot, and financially, the fact we’re even talking about the numbers of what Manchester United will sell for shows the success they’ve had.
“But there needs to be change. We’ve all seen that. We all know that.”

Beckham added: “Off the field, as a fan and ex-player, I just want it resolved. There has to be a decision [regarding the ownership].

“Whoever is running your club, you want them to be passionate, be involved, make the right decisions, bring in the right players and invest in the club”.

“Because the club does need investment, whether it’s the training facility, stadium, on the field… these kinds of big things need to be made, and changes do need to happen, especially when you see the likes of Man City and what they’re doing.”

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