Thursday Football Predictions: Ballgist 10 odds

Betting tips
Here are our football predictions for Thursday June 15, 2023.

Ballgist has scouted some possible predictions based off research, news and understanding of the leagues and players selected.

Betting predictions

Vietnam vs Hong Kong – Over 1.5 goals @1.20 odds

Jamaica vs Qatar – Over 1.5 goals @1.38 odds

Spain vs Italy – Home to win or draw @1.34 odds

Panama vs Canada – Draw or away @1.18 odds

AC Barnechea v Santiago Morning – Over 1.5 goals@1.27 odds

Turun Palloseura vs Mikkelin Palloilijat  – Over 1.5 goals @1.29 odds

FK Vidar v Staal Joerpeland IL – Home to win @1.33 odds

Grotta v KF Aegir – Home to win @1.35 odds

Bulgaria U21 v Montenegro  U21 – Over 1.5 goals

Total Odds: 10 odds

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