Allegri believes Juventus are in the chase for the scudetto

Manager Max Allegri believes Juventus are still in the run for the Scudetto after Sunday night's victory over Lazio.

Juventus’ Manager, Massimiliano Allegri is believed to not rule Juventus out of the Scudetto race after surging past Lazio and going into third place for the first time this season.

The Italian Manager suggests there is everything in place for a better second-half of the season when the league resumes back in January.

Just recently, the Bianconeri have changed course to conclude 2022 in a better place after a rather poor start to the Serie A season. The 3-0 win against Lazio was their sixth consecutive Serie A victory, all of which were withoutconceding any goal.

Speaking to DAZN, Allegri heaped praises on his player’s momentum and lauded the efforts of every member of the team.

“The whole team works hard, that is why we have the best defensive record. The spirit has improved, it helps to win and create momentum.

“I would’ve been angry if we conceded in the final minute tonight, so keeping these clean sheets is another step.”

Allegri was asked what changed to make such a dramatic difference from the Juventus that started the campaign and struggled so badly to then notch up six straight wins, he responded saying,

“I don’t like giving explanations in football, as things can change so quickly from one day to the next. Football is simple really, you have to win games, there are different ways of doing that. I can only thank the lads for their performances.”

Considering Napoli are eight points clear at the top of the table and Juventus now move into third place, can they believe in the Scudetto too?

“Napoli are having their own separate season with a remarkable pace. I don’t think the Scudetto can be won with less than 90 points this year.

“We’re a long way behind. Just six rounds ago, nobody believed we would be third in the table, so that is a step forward. Now we need to recharge our batteries and be ready to resume in January.”

The World Cup break may be untimely for Juventus given their impressive run of victories, but it also presents an opportunity for them to improve their prospects of winning the Scudetto by waiting until the injury issue has passed by the time they return in January.

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