Benjamin Mendy cleared of all charges at Chester Crown Court

Benjamin Mendy
Following a trial at Chester Crown Court, former Manchester City player Benjamin Mendy, has been found not guilty of rape and attempted rape by a jury consisting of six men and six women.

The charges against Mendy were related to allegations that he raped a 24-year-old woman in a bedroom at his home in Cheshire in October 2020. It also includes that he attempted to rape a 29-year-old woman at his home two years prior. Mendy denied both charges and maintained that the encounters were consensual.

Benjamin Mendy

Earlier this year, Mendy had been found not guilty of sexual offenses against multiple women. The jury could not reach verdicts on the two charges mentioned above.

During the retrial, prosecutors presented evidence suggesting that Mendy would host parties and social gatherings at his residence. All while he was under contract with Manchester City. The court heard that Mendy had met a British student in a Barcelona nightclub in 2017. She subsequently arranged to visit him at his home the following year. She alleged that Mendy attempted to rape her after a night out. Mendy, however, told the jury that he had asked for her consent. She declined due to his friend’s presence, he respected her decision and left the room.


In another incident two years later, a woman and her friends were invited to Mendy’s house after being at a bar near his residence. She claimed that Mendy took her phone, led her to a locked bedroom, and allegedly raped her. Mendy, in his defense, stated that their encounter was consensual, and they even exchanged contact information on Snapchat. He denied forcefully holding her down or forcing her onto the bed He emphasized that he would never engage in non-consensual sexual activities.

Benjamin Mendy became the Premier League’s most expensive defender when Manchester City acquired him from Monaco for £52 million in 2017. He won several titles with the club and was part of France’s victorious squad in the 2018 World Cup. His contract with Manchester City expired in June, and he was subsequently released by the club.

After the trial, Mendy’s solicitor, Jenny Wiltshire, issued a statement expressing Mendy’s gratitude to the jury. This is for focusing on the evidence presented during the trial rather than the rumors and speculations surrounding the case. Benjamin is relieved that both juries reached the correct verdict, affirming his innocence.

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