Manchester United attacker Mason Greenwood cleared of all criminal charges

Charges against Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood have all been dropped.

According to The Sun, Mason Greenwood, 21, who was initially detained in January of last year on suspicion of attempted rape, assault, and coercive control, has reportedly been exonerated of all charges.

The Manchester United forward was due to stand trial in November this year, accused of the aforementioned crimes.

The alleged offences related to one woman and were said to have taken place between November 1, 2018, and October 15, 2022.

Greenwood was accused of “repeatedly engaging” in controlling and coercive behaviour for almost four years – including making threats and derogatory comments on social media.

He was also charged with attempting to rape the woman on October 21, 2021, and allegedly assaulted her between December 12, 2021, and December 31, 2021.

The footballer was originally remanded in custody after being charged by police on October 15. But a judge released him on the condition he does not contact witnesses, including the complainant, and resides at an address in Bowdon.

However, Greater Manchester Police have confirmed that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have made the decision to drop all charges against him.

Giving a statement on the news, Chief Superintendent Michaela Kerr, GMP’s Head of Public Protection, said: “The investigation team has remained in regular contact with the legal team, providing any updates of note, and so understand the rationale for the discontinuation of proceedings at this stage, and that this decision has not been taken lightly.”

“Despite the media and public’s interest in this case, we have decided not to comment on it in any further detail.”

The alleged offences relate to an incident which happened with the female over 12 months ago. After evidence of wrongdoing was seemingly leaked on social media, police were quick to act before Manchester United suspended the winger.

Although, Manchester United, reacting to the news confirmed they would be conducting an investigation to determine their ‘next steps’.

“Manchester United notes the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service that all charges against Mason Greenwood have been dropped,” it read.

“The club will now conduct its own process before determining next steps. We will not make any further comment until that process is complete.”

As this is a breaking story, it remains unclear what these latest developments could mean for Greenwood’s playing career.

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