Mason Greenwood wants investigation into whether Jude Bellingham called him a ‘rapist’ dropped

Mason Greenwood wants an investigation into whether Jude Bellingham called him a “rapist” dropped.

The clash between Bellingham and Greenwood was reported by La Liga to the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

“It must also be reported that after the end of the match, messages were detected through social media regarding a possible incident in which visiting player Jude Bellingham allegedly insulted local player Mason Greenwood in English,” an incident report noted.

“Numerous media outlets have reported on this incident, as evidenced in the attached incident report.”

Bellingham had landed a crunching tackle on the Getafe player to force the ball out of play. When footage of the incident circulated on social media, fans believed they noticed the England international mutter the word ‘rapist’ at the forward.

Mason Greenwood had previously been charged with attempted rape, assault, and coercive behaviour in January 2022, but charges were dropped in February 2023 by the Crown Prosecution Service following the withdrawal of key witnesses.

Spanish reports have claimed Bellingham could be sanctioned for up to four games, according to the regulations, if it is deemed that he did utter the alleged insult to Greenwood.

According to The Sun, Greenwood has pushed for the investigation to be dropped and for Bellingham to avoid punishment.

“Mason has told them he doesn’t want Jude to be punished and has asked them to drop it,” the Sun reported, quoting a source.

“He doesn’t want bad publicity and wants to get on with playing football.”

“He was very upset at the time as he didn’t expect it from someone like Jude.”

“But he knows he’s always likely to be a target for that kind of stuff so he’s accepted he’ll need a thick skin,” said the source.

The Spanish FA’s Competition Committee reportedly received a report from a lip-reading expert, after it was ordered by RFEF in the days following the incident.

Expert witness and forensic lip-reader Jeremy Freeman says that he is ’97 per cent confident’ that Bellingham did mouth the insult at Greenwood during their meeting on February 1.

An investigating judge has been required to gather all the available information about what happened, including speaking to all parties involved regarding the incident that night.

The judge will propose either a sanction or dismiss the complaint.

Greenwood joined Getafe on loan after mutually agreeing to leave Manchester United on loan following the conclusion of an internal investigation into his conduct.

It had been understood that academy product Greenwood may not play for United again.

Greenwood has scored seven goals and provided five assists in 25 matches at Getafe this season.

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