Brendan Rodgers storms off press conference following ‘disrespectful’ question

Brendan Rodgers

Leicester City’s worst start to a top-flight season since 1983 has put the former Liverpool boss under increasing pressure.

Only ten points have been earned by the Foxes from their opening ten games.

The most recent outcome was a challenging 0-0 draw against Crystal Palace at home on Saturday.

On Thursday, they play Leeds, and Brendan Rodgers is hoping for a much-needed victory.

However, it seems that some aspects of the pressure are starting to annoy Rodgers.

On Saturday, when asked about how expensive it would be for Leicester to sack him, he was obviously upset.

He responded: “I have read on the news what I am supposed to be on and I know for sure that is a total fabrication. It’s nowhere near.

“I actually think it is a disrespectful question, very disrespectful. I never asked you how much money you are on or whether there is any blockage in your role from your owners.

I don’t think you need to worry about my wages. If there is a stumbling block in any thing, you need to ask the owners that. It’s a disgraceful question.”

It is alleged that removing Brendan Rodgers from his position would cost the Foxes about £10 million.

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