Glazer family set enormous price tag to sell Manchester United to potential buyers

the Glazer family
The Glazer family have slammed an astonishing price tag of $10 biliion on Manchester United.

Reports from the Daily Star suggests that the Glazer family will only consider selling the club if their asking price of $10 billion is met.

Despite calls for them to step down following a decline in the club’s success since their arrival, the Americans remain reluctant to sell the club.

This price tag makes Manchester United the most-valuable sports outfit in the world, overtaking the Dallas Cowboys ($8 billion), the New England Patriots ($6.4 billion) and the New York Yankees ($6 billion).

This comes after Britain’s richest man Jim Ratcliffe indicated interest in buying the club.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe also tried to buy Chelsea earlier in the year but failed in his bid. His desire to buy Manchester United though has suffered a serious set-back with this revelation and his networth of around $10.2 billion further reduces his chances.

He said: “We can’t sit around hoping that one day Manchester United will become available.”

Since buying Manchester United in 2005, the club’s debts have continued to rise. Despite the team failing to win titles in recent years, the Glazer family have continued to pay themselves huge dividends.

Manchester United’s home match with Liverpool had to be postponed last season because of an organized protests from the home fans.

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