PGMOL condemns abuse directed at referee Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor
PGMOL has condemned the acts of abuse directed towards referee Anthony Taylor after Roma's penalty shootout loss to Sevilla in the Europa League final.

It was reported that Anthony Taylor and his family faced verbal abuse from enraged fans at the airport after the match.

Officials at Budapest airport have reported that an Italian citizen connected to the incident have been charged with causing a disturbance. A video capturing the incident has been circulated on social media, showing Taylor and his family being confronted by fans as they were escorted through the airport.

A Budapest Airport statement read:

“Fans of the losing Roma team recognized the referee in the food court of the airport, where he was waiting for his flight to depart”.

“Thanks to the airport operator’s close co-operation with the police and the increased police presence at the airport during the arrival and departure of the fans, the authorities intervened immediately, and the referee was escorted to a lounge and boarded his flight safely, accompanied by police officers”.

“The Italian citizen involved in the incident was apprehended by the police and criminal proceedings have been initiated on charges of affray.”

PGMOL said in a statement:

“[We are] aware of videos circulating on social media showing Anthony Taylor and his family being harassed and abused at Budapest Airport”.

“We are appalled at the unjustified and abhorrent abuse directed at Anthony and his family as he tries to make his way home from refereeing the Uefa Europa League final”.

“We will continue to provide our full support to Anthony and his family.”

During his news conference, Mourinho voiced his criticism of Taylor and was recorded expressing his frustration and making direct remarks while Taylor and other officials were boarding a minibus.

UEFA is currently awaiting reports from match officials to determine whether any action should be taken against Mourinho regarding the incident that occurred in the car park at the stadium after the match.

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