Players were over-trained Jesse Marsch on Leeds injury situation

Jesse Marsch claims that the injury problems suffered in the Leeds United camp is as a result of players being over-trained and stressed and his team looks to employ training methods that manages the players better. Leeds United have suffered injuries to key players this season and this has accounted for their struggles in the league.

The Leeds United players were subjected to intense training under Marcelo Bielsa including the ill-famed “”murderball”” sessions and there is a feeling that years of intense training must have taken its toll on the players. Marsch insists the teams long injury list is due to them being over-trained and the players have suffered physically, psychologically and emotionally because of it.

“The injury issues had lot do with the training methodologies”, Marsch explained on talkSPORT.

“These players were over-trained, right, and that led to them being physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally in a difficult place to recover from week to week, from game to game.

“So, I have a very specific methodology with the way I work and I had a reputation for running, having high running data in the way that we play but also having healthy, strong players, who can meet the standard of the game that we want.

“So, we have tried to put that into the place to help the players, I think that has helped a lot.”

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