PSG star Neymar is a ‘CRYBABY’ and ‘an unpleasant person on the pitch’

PSG attacker Neymar has been labelled as a 'crybaby' by AC Milan star Maco van Basten

PSG attacker Neymar has been labelled as a ‘crybaby’ by former Ajax and AC Milan star Maco van Basten hit out at the Brazilian and the rest of his teammates.

The criticism came after PSG slumped to a goalless but heated 0-0 draw with Stade de Reims on the weekend, a game in which Sergio Ramos was shown a red card and Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Marco Veratti and Achraf Hakimi were all given yellow cards.

Van Basten had admitted he wanted to see someone really ‘tackle him’ and said that he would applaud it.

In an interview transcribed by Le Parisien, he said: ‘Neymar is a real crybaby. One minute he’s fouling someone and then the next he’s playing the victim. No one is allowed to touch him.

‘I would applaud if someone really took care of him, really tackled him. He is an unpleasant person on the pitch.”

The three-time Ballon d’Or winner went on to slam the rest of the PSG team’s behaviour, but insisted that Neymar is the ‘instigator’ of it.

He added: ‘I found the behaviour of PSG’s players annoying. Neymar is the instigator of this poor behaviour and that pushes other players to do bad things.

‘They should concentrate on football. It’s a shame. I think it’s bad for such a big team.’

Van Basten has previously criticised Neymar, in 2018 he hit out at the 30-year-old’s ‘theatre’ during the FIFA World Cup tournament in Russia.

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