Pundit explains why VAR disallowed Harry Kane’s goal vs Sporting Lisbon

Andy Gray has explained why VAR controversially disallowed Harry Kane’s dramatic late winning goal against Sporting Lisbon in the Champions League on Wednesday night.

Spurs thought they’d secured qualification for the Champions League round of 16 thanks to Kane’s close-range finish in the fifth and final minute of stoppage-time.

Everyone associated with Tottenham, including manager Antonio Conte, went wild as the ball hit the net.

However, a lengthy VAR review followed to check whether Kane was offside when Emerson Royal headed the ball into the England international’s path.

To Tottenham’s disbelief and anger, the goal was ruled out, meaning the Premier League side now require at least a point away in Marseille next week to avoid crashing out of Europe’s premier club competition.

Gray explained why the goal was disallowed on beIN Sports but still described it as a “ridiculous decision”.

“What they’ve done, cleverly, with that is you see Emerson’s body is ahead of Kane,” Gray, the former Sky Sports co-commentator, said.

“It’s the ball we have to focus on. That’s why the blue line has been taken from his head because that’s where the ball is. 

“Now, is the ball ahead of Kane? What they’re saying is, they’ve taken the blue line from his head and the red line has come from Kane’s knee.

“I’m just trying to explain it, I’m not justifying it. 

“They’ve taken that and said ‘because Kane’s knee is ahead of the ball by a fraction, then it’s offside’.

“Let’s be honest here: it’s a ridiculous decision. I know the purists will say ‘this is what we’ve got VAR for’ but I’m sorry… I don’t watch football to see goals disallowed for somebody’s left knee being offside. I really don’t – and I don’t think anybody does.”

Watch clip video below:

Many will agree with you, Andy.

VAR expert clears up the current rule

Tottenham’s Eric Dier said to the referee after the final whistle: “The ball went backwards!”

But according to VAR expert Dale Johnson, the direction a ball is played is irrelevant for offside.

“The deflection is also not a deliberate play so doesn’t reset Kane’s offside position,” he added on Twitter.

Football used to be simple.

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