Vinicius Jr. hopes Atletico fans pay for their racist acts

Real Madrid star Vinicius Junior has asked that Atletico Madrid fans be appropriately punished for their acts of racism during the Madrid derby.

The Brazilian was subjected to loud and pervasive monkey chants ahead of the Madrid derby, caught on camera, as well as some incidents in the stadium.

Atletico Madrid has condemned the actions of their fans, however so far, only three fans have had their membership suspended. At least those are the only publicly declared punishments.

Vinicius was questioned about the incident while speaking to Globo. While perhaps accurate and realistic, he depressingly declared that there is no end in sight for racism in football.

“It is difficult to say that racism in football is going to end with so many people who continue to do it, but I like to believe that there are more good people than bad.”

Marca reported that Vinicius made it clear that harsh punishments needed to come into force for those who were guilty.

“All those people who are racist have to pay in some way. [I hope] that the Atlético fans who did that can never enter a stadium again, and that way those people are going to suffer a lot, and they will realise that if they do something like that they have to pay for it.”

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