Sylvanus Okpala: Super Eagles Should Aim for World Cup Victory

Sylvanus Okpala has applied to lead Super Eagles

Former Super Eagles assistant coach Sylvanus Okpala has said the target for the country’s team must now be to win the World Cup.

Sylvanus Okpala has applied to lead Super Eagles to lead the team to the World Cup

This declaration comes on the heels of his application for the vacant Super Eagles top coaching position.

‘Quicksilver’ Okpala was assistant coach when the Super Eagles last won the AFCON in 2013.

Getting to the semifinals of the World Cup is no longer news in Africa because Morocco got to the semifinals in the last World Cup,” Okpala reasoned.

I think Africa should be talking about winning the World Cup. It is the same football; the difference is the mentality.”

He continued: “Our players are based abroad and most of them are playing against each other, either in the Italian league or so on, so they get the same training, so when we are going to the World Championship, we should be thinking about winning the World Cup.

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