Spanish prosecutors dropped corruption and fraud charges against football star Neymar

In the case involving his 2013 transfer from Santos to Barcelona, Spanish prosecutors have today dropped all fraud and corruption charges against Neymar and other defendants.

Federal authorities in Spain have today dropped all corruption and fraud charges against Neymar and others accused in the trial relating to the Brazilian’s 2013 transfer from Santos to Barcelona.

Neymar, 30, had previously stated that he did not recall taking part in the negotiations that resulted in an agreement with Barcelona in 2011 over his transfer from Brazilian club Santos two years later.

Prosecutors had sought a two-year prison term for Neymar and the payment of a 10 million euros ($9.95 million) fine in the case brought by Brazilian investment firm DIS, which owned 40% of the rights to Neymar when he was at Santos and DIS had argued that it lost out on its rightful cut from the transfer because the true value was understated.

However, the prosecutor announced the “withdrawal of the charges against all the accused and for all the allegations” they had faced in a dramatic move.

A source close to the legal team representing Neymar told Reuters that their legal representatives Baker Mckenzie would claim costs against the private prosecution for what they consider recklessness, acting in poor faith and for abuse of process. They will also reserve the right to claim for damages.

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