Neymar is on trial for corruption and fraud and could serve a five-year prison term

Neymar trial
A Brazilian investment firm wants Neymar to serve a five-year sentence, alongside his family, Barcelona and Santos.

This is in line to the corruption and fraud charges next week related to his 2013 transfer to Barcelona. Because of their partial rights to Neymar at the time, the investment firm believes they were owed more than they received.

Neymar will go on trial next week on fraud and corruption charges. The charges relate to his transfer to Barcelona from Brazilian club Santos. The Brazilian investment firm is demanding a five-year prison sentence for the forward’s alleged role in a multi-million dollar embezzlement. Neymar alongside with his parents, Barcelona and it’s former presidents Josep Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell, as well as Santos and former president Odilio Rodrigues are among the defendants in the trial brought by Spanish prosecutors.

Prosecutors in Spain are seeking a two-year prison sentence for Neymar as well as a €10 million fine, and a five-year prison sentence for Rosell as well as a €8.4 million fine for Barcelona.

“Neymar’s rights have not been sold to the highest bidder. There were clubs that offered up to €60m,” DIS lawyer Paulo Nasser said in a news conference in Barcelona on Thursday. Neymar and his family have been charged with “corruption between private individuals” in Spain. The charges relate to “competition of products and services between companies”. Neymar must appear in court on Monday for the first day of his trial, but it is unclear if he will stay for the whole hearing.

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